At CR2 – a multi-nation Banking Solution company – I was responsible for the interface design of their BankWorld Internet Banking, an internet banking webapp. There was a constant need to be in touch with the development group as well as project managers to ensure that the experience was consistent throughout all the different applications created.

Being the Lead UX/UI designer, my duties included research, wireframing, user testing, prototyping and designing the various design templates used on BankWorld I.B. This was all done under a high-paced enviroment and there was a need to work at several screens at any given time to ensure that delivery deadlines could be met.









Project of note: Icon design

Due to the necessity of having at least 5 different templates to be presented to clients, I counted over 30 unique icons being used, each one with 15 different variations: multiple sizes, multiple colours and multiple small unecessary variations, resulting in over 450 images.

Bringing this to the attention of the PM, I was allowed to design a custom icon font which would include all icons being used on BankWorld I.B. and a few more new additions.
By designing a custom icon font, the need to have 3 diferent sizes and 5 diferent colours for each and every icon could be dropped, reducing the amount of images, sprite sheets and lines of code besides cutting the server load for image rendering in 87% (from 1.5 MB to 200 KB).